Welcome to my site! Monroeclay.com was founded in 2019 as a conduit to sell my wares as I developed the work I create today. My name is Jacob Monroe, the owner of this small studio and art practice. I am from Idaho, born and raised, and have studied ceramics in New Jersey, Montana, Alberta, and now manage a small studio in Eugene, Oregon. I remember when I was 17 I saw clay recipes scratched on the walls of a studio in Nevada which provoked years of questions and relentless pursuit to understanding heat and minerals. My passion is to do everything I can to make the highest quality wares with the smallest footprint. That is why I have built my studio around my own mid-fire porcelain body that resembles a likeness to bone china without the need for excessive heat, using electricity in a city that eighty percent of power comes from carbon-free hydroelectric energy. Coming from a background of soda/salt and high-fire reduction firing, this new clay body is an investment to work in ceramics for years to come. I throw my wares on a wheel and use different tools like 3D printers, vinyl cutters, and plaster molds to give my artwork contemporary context to historic forms of reference.


View my interview with Ceramics Monthly below:

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