Jacob is a ceramist and educator currently working in Eugene, Oregon. He emerged into ceramics by apprenticing in the outer Boroughs of the Philadelphia area. With a passion for clay and glaze chemistry, Monroe pursued a BFA at the University of Montana and was an assistant to Julia Galloway between the years of 2016-2020. His artwork takes inspiration from woodblock prints, intaglio, and textiles from 15-17th century Europe with themes of preservation and place. Working in porcelain, Monroe creates functional wares using imagery of the objects, buildings, and events of his daily life.

I am influenced by the imagery of the rural and urban landscape of the West. Years ago, I began to photograph objects in relation to the buildings and places that they existed in and used industrial techniques to translate them into clay. Doing so I utilize my photographs as design elements by deconstructing the objects of my surroundings as utilitarian functions on my pots. I am intrigued by the philosophy that a photograph resembles the death of a moment in time and that the action of translating these moments into porcelain is a ritual of preserving these experiences.

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