Jacob Monroe is a recently established artist living in Eugene, Oregon. He has spent the last five years living and studying ceramics in Missoula, MT. He received a bachelor’s of fine arts at the University of Montana in 2020 just before beginning a long term residency at Clay Space Eugene. Monroe has completed residencies at Shaw International Centre of Contemporary Ceramics in Medicine Hat, Alberta, and the Lake Missoula Tea Company. He has exhibited works at the Archie Bray Foundation, The Clay Studio of Missoula, and manages


This work is created with intrigue between the dialogue of hand-thrown pots and mechanized processes, playing between the balance of touch and industrial techniques. I utilize CAD/CAM Software, 3D printing, and slip casting to expand my drawings into three-dimensional space following form and function. The appreciation of European porcelain in rural American's china cabinets had me contemplating value and preservation as I learned about the pottery on display in my grandparents' house passed down through generations. These highly decorated and intricate casted pots depicted romantic scenes of place, often landscapes, taverns, and floral decorations. Living in Montana, one of the least populated states, where it is expected to drive long distances through the elements for resources, has me cherishing the culture while laughing and poking fun at the way we live. With the pace of modern living and the consequences tied to our habits, much of what is familiar now will change before we expect it. The Montana urban series captures my surroundings, the beautiful and the mundane, and made to be functional objects that can be used daily in my community's routines.